Thank you for giving picogolf a look! It is a simple homage to the golf games of the 90's. It is made using the wonderful PICO-8 fantasy console in July and August 2020.

picogolf (currently) contains a single 9 hole course featuring a range of par 3, 4 and 5 holes. There are no settings, nothing gets saved, if you wanna play again, just reload the page.


Everything is controlled using the arrow keys and the Z and X keys.

while aiming...

  • left and right to aim
  • hold up to zoom out
  • press down to cycle through clubs
  • press X to cycle view modes between close up aim, distant aim, whole course and pin
  • press Z to start your shot

while preparing a shot...

  • press X to cancel if you haven't already started a shot
  • press Z to start your swing
  • press Z to indicate the power of your shot
  • press Z again to to set your shot accuracy, aim to be as close to the green marker as possible

while driving...

  • left and right to steer
  • hold Z or up to accelarate
  • hold down to brake
  • park up near the ball to take another shot


  • Always look out for the wind indicator, this will affect any shots hit into the air.
  • The number range to the bottom left of the screen indicates how well you might hit the ball. For example using a driver while in the bunker shows 20-100%. This means you could hit anything between 20% and 100% of your indicated power, so don't rely on it! Cycle through your clubs to see what your best option is.
  • The game will try to automatically select a suitable club, but it might not be the best one for you so give them all a go.
  • Hitting a ball into water or too fair away from the course will add a penalty stroke and reset your ball.

What next?

I would love to add more courses but I've just about hit the limit of what I can code (Pico-8 limits the amount of code 'tokens' you're allowed to use). I would also like to add both local and online multiplayer. I've got a few other ideas, but I might have to save that for a different game engine.


  • lexaloffle for making pico-8
  • kometbomb for their fade to black implementation
  • freds72 for their rspr implementation
  • Though made by me, the music is a crude remake of a couple of tracks from one of my favourite ever games, Everybody's Golf on the PS Vita. ( title and leaderboard )


picogolf windows
picogolf osx
picogolf linux
picogolf raspi

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